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Season 3 Full Length Episodes 

The Captain's Log S3:E10 
"No Plan is Good Plan"

Captain Jonathan Moss and good friend Nick Galati explore unfamiliar waters in Orlando Fl.

The Captain's Log S3:E9 
"Big Bend Escape"

Captains Jonathan Moss and Jay Carson push away from the dock in search of the Florida Big Bend Slam in Steinhatchee, Florida.

The Captain's Log S3:E8 
"Up A Creek"

Captain Jonathan Moss shares the Skanu on the North Indian River Lagoon with his guest Kevin Fenn.

The Captain's Log S3:E7 
"Flounder Pounder"

Captain Jonathan Moss teams up with Capt. Matt Graves for some near shore reef fishing in Ponce Inlet, Florida.

The Captain's Log S3:E6 
"Fire Trucks"

Captain Jonathan Moss is heading offshore to bottom fish for giant Red Grouper with Capt. David Kleinhans on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The Captain's Log S3:E5 
"Low Country Living"

Capt. Jonathan Moss experiences the high side of life in the low country of Charleston, South Carolina with fellow guide, Capt. Christian Cooley.

The Captain's Log S3:E4 
"Gotta go to know!"

From South Florida to North West Central Florida, Capt. Jonathan Moss is chasing fish and dodging the weather!

The Captain's Log S3:E3 
"One Particular Harbor"

Captains Jonathan Moss and Ryan Clase are on the hunt for silver in Charlotte Harbor, Florida.

The Captain's Log S3:E2 

Capt. Jonathan Moss fishes with Capt. Ulysses Rodriquez for Biscayne Bay Bonefish.

The Captain's Log S3:E1 
"Mission Accomplished"

It could be argued that there’s no better place to catch monster Snook than Stuart, FL. And that’s what Capt. Jonathan Moss plans to do.

The Captain's Log 
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