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Season 1 Full Length Episodes 

The Captain's Log S1:E11 

Captain Jonathan Moss heads offshore and encounters some welcomed mayhem!

The Captain's Log S1:E10 
"Go For Launch

Captain Jonathan Moss guides a young angler on the Space Coast of Florida!

The Captain's Log S1:E9 

Capt. Jonathan Moss explores the backcountry waters of Everglades National Park.

The Captain's Log S1:E8 
"Magic City Exotics"

Capt. Jonathan Moss goes urban fishing for Peacock Bass in Miami, Florida.

The Captain's Log S1:E7 
"Fly Time"

Capt. Jonathan Moss travels to Jacksonville, FL, to fish dock lights and low tide waters.

The Captain's Log S1:E6 
"In Clear View"  

Capt. Jonathan Moss shares the skiff with Capt. Court Douthit in Clearwater, Fl fishing both beachside and inshore!

The Captain's Log S1:E5 
"Fish of a Lifetime"  

Capt. Jonathan Moss heads 40 miles offshore with

Capt. Matt Graves in search of that fish of a lifetime!

The Captain's Log S1:E4 
"History Lesson"  

Capt. Jonathan Moss steps back in time while fishing Florida's Historic Coast with Capt. Jim Britton.

The Captain's Log S1:E3

Capt. Jonathan Moss heads back to where it all started, Bass fishing with his dad in Orlando, Florida.

The Captain's Log S1:E2
"Treasure Hunt" 

Capt. Jonathan Moss travels to Florida's Treasure Coast in search of silver and gold with Capt. Buddy Kirkhart.

The Captain's Log S1:E1 
"No Hesitation" 

Capt. Jonathan Moss explores the backcountry waters of Yankeetown, Florida in search of redfish with Capt. Adam Whitston.

The Captain's Log 

Breast Cancer Survivor

Andrea Malarkey

Capt. Jonathan Moss shares time on his East Cape Skiff with Breast Cancer Survivor, Andrea Malarkey. Together, they catch schooling Largemouth Bass. This episode was sponsored by Danco Pliers in an effort to promote Beast Cancer Awareness

Feel the Beat

Capt. Jonathan Moss quietly captures on film a large school of Black Drum tailing. Eventually he put down the camera to catch a few!

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