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Season 2 Full Length Episodes 

The Captain's Log S2:E10 
"Fish in a Barrel"

Capt. Jonathan Moss fishes for redfish in the big bend area of Florida, with Capt. Jay Carson.

The Captain's Log S2:E9 
"Tug of War"

Capt. Jonathan Moss and Brenton Roberts battle Snook around structure in Stuart, FL.

The Captain's Log S2:E8 
"High Speed Sportfishing"

Capt. Jonathan Moss joins Captains Mark DiDario and TJ Vaughns for some offshore trolling and deep dropping aboard a 46' Sportfish.

The Captain's Log S2:E7 
"Cajun Rendezvous Part 2"  

The adventure continues with Capt. Jonathan Moss sight fishing giant redfish in Southern Louisiana.

The Captain's Log S2:E6 
"Cajun Rendezvous Part 1"  

Capt. Jonathan Moss travels to southern Louisiana to sight fish giant redfish in shallow water.

The Captain's Log S2:E5 
"Grouper Therapy"  

Captain Jonathan Moss is in Crystal River, FL, to catch inshore Gag Grouper and Sheepshead.

The Captain's Log S2:E4 
"Bottoms Up"  

Captain Jonathan Moss journeys offshore to bottom fish the reefs and wreck in Palm Beach, FL.

The Captain's Log S2:E3
"Seeing Spots" 

Capt. Jonathan Moss trailers the skiff to Tampa Bay, Florida to fish with Ty Nelson, co-founder of Florida Fishing Products.

The Captain's Log S2:E2
"Circus Act" 

Capt. Jonathan Moss heads south to Delray Beach, Florida with high hopes of catching the Lake Ida Slam.

The Captain's Log S2:E1 
"Triple Pursuit" 

Capt. Jonathan Moss travels to the southernmost city in the USA, in pursuit of the Key West Slam.

The Captain's Log 
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